The Fence

“If you strive for the moon maybe you’ll get over the fence.” – James Wood

Often, it seems, barriers in our lives loom large. Fear and negativity are hard to get past. But maybe, just maybe, all it takes is one little step.

Monkey Business

monkey tree

Araucaria araucana or as it is more popularly known as – The Monkey Tail Tree, or The Monkey Puzzle Tree. Apparently, when it was introduced into Britain in the 19th century someone remarked in awe that “It would puzzle a monkey to climb that.” And the name took.
I rather like the french version – “desespoir des singes” or ‘monkeys’ despair’. Either way its exotic nature never fails to fascinate.

The Guardian

ent tree face

Anthropomorphism (in brief) is the attributing of human characteristics to other things – be they living or non-living. The term was apparently coined in the mid 1700’s and as a literary device can enhance a storytelling as it uses our own insight and experience to help us relate in a more deeply personal way.
This old fellow has long stood watch over his neighborhood and though he may bear a passing resemblance to Tolkien’s Ents he is far more interesting…he’s real.